5 Reasons to Stay in a Serviced Apartment

5 Reasons to stay in a Serviced Apartment

Serviced apartments have become a more popular choice in the travel industry for both the business and the leisure traveller. You have the freedom to come and go as you please, plenty of space and your even your own kitchen to cook in should you wish.

Here is a list of 5 benefits to staying in a serviced apartment instead of a hotel;

Cost effective

Choosing serviced accommodation over a hotel room can save you money.  In general terms, serviced accommodation is usually around 30% cheaper than a hotel. This is especially true, when you factor in that with a serviced apartment you have a kitchen and lounge at your disposal, rather than simply a bedroom and en-suite.


Choosing a serviced apartment means that you have comfort when you need it. There is no need to be stuck in your hotel room, or to sit in a hotel bar evening after evening. If you stay at The Barclay Apartment, you will have your own living room to relax in, complete with a flat screen TV and complimentary WiFi.


Where to eat and the choice of food on the menu are key things to keep in mind when choosing your place to stay. A hotel menu is usually top of the list, but can be a bit restrictive, especially if you are away from home for a longer time. Eating the same things from the same menu for an extended period of time can become monotonous. A serviced apartment allows you a kitchen all to yourself. At The Barclay Apartment we offer a fully equipped kitchen with all the essential appliances and utensils including a quooker tap. A more cost-effective way to eat during your stay!


Space is another great reason to choose serviced accommodation over a hotel room. With the Barclay Apartment you have 2 bedrooms, as well as a bathroom, lounge, dining area, kitchen and luxury Spa to relax in.

With serviced accommodation, you get more space for your money. You will have plenty of room to entertain guests, and if you are staying on business then The Barclay Apartment is a great location to meet with clients.


Privacy is a big plus to serviced apartment living. You will have your own space to play and relax, without the need to be out of the way for housekeeping each day.